Manchester Memorial’s The Crusader Newspaper 2015-2016 Archived Articles

What Annoys Me About the Left – by Jacob Brahm

Clash of the Classes – by Antony Rossi

Twin Day – by Antony Rossi

Mathletes Vs. Athletes Day – by Antony Rossi

Superheroes Vs. Villains Day – by Antony Rossi

Tropical Day – by Antony Rossi

Mr. Peter Perich: NH Assistant Principal Role Model of the Year – by Patrick Deary & Ronan Moquin

February Vacation Assembly – by Hamza Shahzad

An Interview with Kayla Pinard – by Kim Kien

NH Scholastic Art Awards – by Kim Kien

Constance – by Chloe Rich

Keep Dreaming, Lover Boy – by Olivia Drake

Always Falling – by Muzzy Iqbal

Brandon Scott and the Crusaders Continue to Climb the Standings – by Cam Beall

Star Wars: The Legacy – by Ganem McIntyre

A Review of Marvel’s Jessica Jones – by Jacob Hurley

MMHS Free of Charge(ing) – by Zachary Carter

Donald Duck? – by Patrick Adams

Legends – by Muzzy Iqbal

Champions: A Track Team Story – by Griffin Auciello

The MMHS Hall of Fame – by Jacob Brahm & Patrick Deary

The NE Patriots Struggling Before the Playoffs – by Cam Beall

MMHS Family Feud! – by Antony Rossi

MMHS is Feeling the Bern! – by Jacob Hurley

RWC Back-to-Back Champs on Rugby Culture – by Griffin Auciello

Business as Usual #1 – by Zach Carter

Crusade the Grade! – by Antony Rossi & Linda Huynh-Nguyen

The Beast and the Lume – by Collin Tessier

#JeSuisParis – by Jacob Brahm

DECA Fall Leadership Conference – by Antony Rossi

Girls Volleyball City Champs! – by Griffin Auciello

El Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) – by Sra. Soha

The Museum of Fine Arts Field Trip – by Tanner Murray

Halloween at Memorial Photo Gallery!!

An Argument for Secession – by Jacob Brahm

Fall is Beautiful, but Why? – by Michael Frye

Small Flame – by Ciarra Annis

Report on a Mayoral Town Hall Meeting – by Jacob Brahm

Table and Duck are Good Friends – by Patrick Adams

Ray – by Olivia Fink

The Race for Junior Class Office! – by Hamza Shahzad

The New MSD High School Bell Schedule- by Antony Rossi

What’s the Deal with the TVs in the Cafeteria? – by Patrick Deary

Memorial’s Pink Out – by Illiana Diaz

Heroin: Manchester’s Biggest Problem – by Kevin Yeung

Syrian Refugee Crisis – by Patrick Deary

The Bathroom Binary – by Olivia Pierog

Apple’s iPad Pro Vs. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 – by Michael Frye

Girls Soccer: The Week In Review – by Chloe Robidoux

Boys Soccer Mid-Season Review – by Griffin Auciello

The Manchester Primary – by Jacob Brahm

Stars – by Olivia Drake

Inside Out: This Summer’s Best Movie! – by Ganem McIntyre

Trump: The Good and the Bad – by Jacob Hurley

Deflategate was Ridiculous! – by Patrick Deary

Apple Playing Catch Up – by Michael Frye

Table is Lost Nowhere – by Patrick Adams

The Loop: Part One – by Muzzy Iqbal

Looking Back: September 11, 2001 – by Antony Rossi

Why are Superhero Films so Popular? – by Ganem McIntyre & Antony Rossi

Building a Dynasty: The Chicago Blackhawks – by Antony Rossi